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Why do I exist?

When I was a kid, my mother was a teacher in my school. 
If I did well in school, my classmates would bully me saying "you knew the paper, as your mum is friends with the teacher". If I did poorly, my teachers would complain about me to my mother.


So I was (intentionally) mediocre at School and that became a way of life  even through college - more of an inertia. 

Until I stopped being mediocre and started meeting some amazing people, who made me realise that we got 1 life and we can't waste it by living below our absolute potential!

Now, I am living a full life - making $500K+ / year in gross revenue, on my way to 7 figures in 2023-2024. I have struggled to get here. Failed businesses, making poor investment decisions and getting my ego in the way of learning.

Which is why, I introduce to you - GROW NATION. A community driven financial literacy platform which is a GOLD MINE of all the resources you need to succeed in life and retire with a minimum of $5M+.

Why $5M you ask? Because that's my financial freedom number and I have done the maths for me in this YouTube video 

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