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Jumpstart your path to a six-figure career with this practical and engaging course that has already helped hundreds of immigrants land 100K+ jobs in less than a month. It starts with knowing your FIGJAM, helping you recognise and capitalize on your value in the job market. You'll learn how to craft a standout professional profile and the secrets to effective networking, interviewing & negotiating your way to a 6-figure job.


Course Outline

  • Session 1: Your Hero Store | Introduction
    - Context & Agenda - Calling out the myths around job search
  • Session 2: Know your worth
    - Where to start & role of certifications - Role vs Industry equation - Find your FIGJAM
  • Session 3: Make a stellar profile
    - Elevator Pitch - Linkedin profile - AI powered Resume - Cover Letter
  • Session 4: Have a Network first approach
    - What is the network first approach? - Engage with strangers on Linkedin - Getting more job interviews - The hidden job market
  • Session 5: Nail your interview
    - Preparing for an interview - Interview questions - how to make your answers stand out
  • Session 6: Negotiate your salary
    - The 5-step process to negotiating like a pro - How to ask for 20% more salary than originally offered


The best $200 investment I ever made. The session was extremely well planned, the content was spot on, delivery was flawless and all resources /templates were shared promptly. I cannot think imagine anyone not succeeding in their job hunt (anywhere in the world) even if they follow 60% of what was advised.

This was an eye opener for me! I used to think that there is ample amount of time to prepare for Canada. After FJA, I am aware of all the pre requisites I need to be prepared with.

Navjot is a powerhouse who will believe in you and inspire you to get out of comfort zone and build success stories. I am surely fuelled up with all the apt resources and confidence about securing job in Canada.

A big thank you to Navjot for all the guidance, tips and overall program! Received a job offer within three weeks of landing. Will be joining Deloitte Canada as a Total Rewards Specialist in a week. Thank you so much for everything!

Meet your instructor

As the founder of Grow Nation, Nav helps people learn to think critically about money and retire with $5M+ of net-worth.

This Free course is his attempt to level the playing field and enable people to build a strong foundation - starts with getting a 6-figure job. 

He used to host this course live with 8-10 people at a time. Hundreds of people have received multiple job offers after going through this program! It works.. you will see :)

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