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Tools that will help you manage your money

The system is built to *uck with our brains!

The big brands lure you with their fancy flash sales so that you spend more.
And the banks want you to use credit cards to buy from those fancy brands.

The society wants you to show off your fancy cars and a big house.
And the banks will lend you more money that you can afford to buy that fancy car and a big house.

The system is built to keep us poor and I want to change that. That's why I built some tools & rules to abide by, in order to budget our lifestyle in a way that makes you rich, not the brands or the bank! 

Don't get played by the system!
Let's *uck the system instead...

New to Canada? Monthly Budgeting, Investing & Retirement tool
If you are new to Canada and struggling to manage and track your expenses as well as talks about investing and retirement planning - which in my view should start as soon as you come to Canada

Buying your first home? Download the First time home buyer Guide + Checklist
A simple to understand presentation that includes why, when, where, what and how of buying your first home in Canada. It also includes a home buying checklist that will give you immense clarity. 

Buying your first rental property? Rental Analyzer
It's easy to get carried away by a home because of it's fancy staging and location. But the numbers need to make sense. This is a tool that you can use to compare different properties to ensure cashflow

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