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Retire with $5M+

$5M sounds like a lot! 5 mins into this 8 hour workshop, you will realize that it's the minimum you would need in 30 years to retire modestly. And then, you would go on a journey of not knowing where to start all the way to creating your $5M plan.

This is 8 hours of PURE GOLD!

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Your Hero Store | Introduction
    - Context & Agenda - Calling out the myths around job search
  • Session 2: Know your worth
    - Where to start & role of certifications - Role vs Industry equation - Find your FIGJAM
  • Session 3: Make a stellar profile
    - Elevator Pitch - Linkedin profile - AI powered Resume - Cover Letter
  • Session 4: Have a Network first approach
    - What is the network first approach? - Engage with strangers on Linkedin - Getting more job interviews - The hidden job market
  • Session 5: Nail your interview
    - Preparing for an interview - Interview questions - how to make your answers stand out
  • Session 6: Negotiate your salary
    - The 5-step process to negotiating like a pro - How to ask for 20% more salary than originally offered


Amazing session filled with so much value. I truly am grateful for all the knowledge you've consolidated and presented to us. Keep up the good work. You and Simran's hard work is an inspiration for all of us. God bless you both and good luck. We will collaborate on something together in the future.

So much to gain from these presentations. Thank you Nav for providing such valuable insights about investments, side hustles, insurances and debt management. Gained a million dollar knowledge and retirement plan from a 100$ course. Long way to go in Canada - just got to understand from Mat itself - Go slow, go firm. 

This session was an eye-opener, especially for a new immigrant like myself. It was literally like putting basics into perspective and introspection. Great great help for kick starting things and start moving in the right direction.

Meet your instructors


Founder, Grow Nation

As an average kid, I always performed below my potential - whatever might be my excuse or circumstances. I soon woke up to the reality that I have ONE LIFE and I don't want to live that being average. I want to Do More, Be More and Do better.

Which is why, I introduce to you - GROW NATION. A community driven financial literacy platform which is a GOLD MINE of all the resources you need to succeed in life and retire with a minimum of $5M+.



Certified Financial Planner, Co-Founder Achieve Wealth Management

Comes with 10+ years of experience in Financial Advisory and planning. He is also a member of Advocacy Committee for the Financial Planning Association of Canada. He has been featured on Citywire, Toronto Star, CTV, and the Canadian Press for his work.

He is my financial planner and has often challenged my opinions - which I like in a Financial planner. 


Realestate Investor, Mortgage Broker & Director of Agent Development, Valko Financial

Comes with 2 decades of experience in business & real-estate investing. He is a second generation mortgage agent and coached over 150 agents in the last few years including me. He has seen a couple of recessions and what debt can do to people - the good & the bad!


He is my coach and the big part of my real-estate success.

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